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How to delete transaction history in google pay

How to delete transaction history in google pay – Friends, as you all know that Google Pay is very famous in the world for sending money from one person to another because it gives some reward to its user on every transaction, but like other apps in Google Pay, Transaction History happens

But many times it happens that we do not want the history of any of our particular transactions to be shown in Google Pay or other apps, but it is possible in Google Pay, you can remove your Google Pay Transaction History by following some easy steps. let’s know

How to delete Transaction History in Google Pay?

  1. First of all, you have to open your Google Chrome Browser and login with the email that you have added to your Google Pay Account.
  2. Now you have to open your Google Pay App and open “Settings” by clicking on your Profile
  3. After this you have to click on “Privacy and Policy” and click on “Data and Personalization”
  4. Friends, if your “Personalization Within Google Pay” option is On, then turn it off and click on “My Account”.
  5. After this you have to come down and you will see the history of your Google Pay, you can delete your history by clicking on the “X” button in front.

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